perjantai 23. elokuuta 2013

August 18th 2013

No More Patience!

After waiting for two whole weeks, we have developed such negative
feelings towards our present surroundings that we should be ashamed. After
all, it is not Dikson's fault that we are trapped here, it is not Dikson's
fault that we are tired of waiting, and it is not Dikson's fault that we
would rather be anywhere else than in Dikson.

The weather has not lifted our spirits either. The temperature is now +6°
C, the skies are grey, and the direction of the wind is all wrong. The
wind should be from the south so that it would push the ice off the
passage but for the past several days it has been steadily blowing from
the east. And, according to the weather forecast, it will stay in the east
at least for the next three days.

We are not yet running out of time, but patience yes! For a fortnight now,
we have been downloading ice charts, studying weather forecasts, hoping,
and wishing. From Dikson, we still have a long way to go, thousands of
miles in fact before we'll reach our destination. We should be on our way
by now, not wasting our precious time here. But the fact remains that the
passage is blocked, and there is nothing we can do about it but wait!

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