torstai 29. elokuuta 2013

August 29th 2013

What's On The Menu?

77° 32,401'N, 105° 37,480' E

About twelve hours later we woke up and had for breakfast bacon and eggs
with the glass of sparkling wine from the previous night (real sailors are
not too fussy!). For lunch, we had Finnish pancakes (= räiskäle) which we
can make because we have a proper räiskälepannu (I am sure you can figure
out what the word means), with ice-cream, peach jam, and the rest of
yesterday's sparkling wine. For dinner, I made sweet-and-sour chicken, and
for evening snack, Pekka made warm ham sandwiches with pickled cucumber
and onion rings sweetened with honey. As you can see, when we don't have
to concentrate on ice, we happily concentrate on filling our stomachs.

The wind is still blowing from the east, presently at a speed of about 25
knots, gusting 30. Since there is not much point in going against the wind
and probably also against a flow of ice coming from the Laptev Sea, we'll
stay here at least till tomorrow. I have already started planning today's

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