torstai 29. elokuuta 2013

August 25th 2013

Towards Cape Chelyuskin

We left Dikson on Thursday morning the 22nd of August. For the first two
days we motor-sailed slowly towards north-east following the empty and
barren coastline and trying to spot polar bears or just any animal for
that matter but without luck. We proceeded at a leisurely pace making only
about 55 miles a day and anchored for the night as we were in no hurry.
However, on Saturday morning, we received an ice chart from Esko Pettay,
our man in Finland, and our vacation ended there and then.

Because of the continuous north-easterly winds, we were forced to sail
further north than we would have wanted to, and not to our great surprise,
during Sunday night, we found ourselves in the first of the several ice
fields we were to encounter during the next few days. This was very open
drift ice and we had no major difficulties finding our way closer to the
coast where there was a less ice-infested passage for us to follow.

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