perjantai 23. elokuuta 2013

August 20th 2013

Leaving Dikson

Today, after studying the latest GRIB files, we decided to leave Dikson.
This has nothing (or very little) to do with our impatience because from
Thursday onwards more favourable winds should be blowing for about two to
three days which might open a passage that could enable us to sail around
the Taymyr Peninsula. We will first stop at the abandoned Mikhaylov
Fishing Settlement, 75° 04,63' N, 86° 58,57' E, about 145 miles east of
Dikson, and then gradually move closer to the ice edge while waiting for
the ice to retreat. If we are (extremely!) lucky, we could be on the other
side of Cape Chelyuskin sometime next week.

P.S. We have now come to realize that it is also possible that the passage
is not going to open at all this season or that it will open so late that
we won't have time to sail through it. Our permit expires on the 25th of
September after which we have to be out of Russian territorial waters.
This means that we have about two more weeks to wait for the passage to
open, and if that does not happen, we have to turn back and sail to
Norway. We try not to dwell on this possibility too much!

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  1. Hyvää tuuria vain.-Vaikka tietysti on pahempiakin kohtaloita kuin päätyä Norjaan syyskuussa. Esim jumiutua Venäjän katolle ensi talveksi, ilman viisumia.
    Me päätimme eilen käydä Lagosissa pari kertaa talven aikana (2x 2kk). Palaillaan...
    Jaakko & Seija