perjantai 20. syyskuuta 2013

September 16th 2013

Held Up in Pevek
69° 42,326' N, 170° 15,792' E

On our way to Pevek, Pekka spent one whole day (eleven hours to be exact)
repairing our heaters. The plural form is quite correct as we initially
had two Webastos but for some reason they both stopped working almost at
the same time. Now, we only have one heater left because Pekka had to
cannibalize the two and take the fan from the one that had developed an
unrepairable nozzle problem and install it in the other one that had given
a 'Fan Error' message. During the eleven hours, the temperature inside the
boat dropped to nine degrees Celsius which was tolerable (after all, this
is an Arctic Expedition) but I must say that we were relieved when our now
one and only heater started working again.

We arrived in Pevek early Saturday morning when it was still dark and
dropped anchor in the bay next to the town. After a few hours of sleep, we
motored to the port and moored alongside a rusty barge that had sunk years
ago and has since been used as a wharf. Pevek Harbour Master and a
friendly Immigration Officer named Yura came to our boat to check us in.
Later the same evening, the Harbour Master arranged both water and fuel to
be delivered to the wharf, and now all our tanks and jerry cans are

During the next two days, we toured the town, visited the city library,
the regional museum, a cafeteria, and several small grocery stores where
we did some reprovisioning. By the end of the third day, we were ready and
anxious to continue our passage.

However, as so often before, the weather didn't agree with our plans.
Yesterday, the Harbour Master hurried to the wharf to warn us of
approaching 15-20 m/s winds. Because of the incoming seas, he asked us to
move to the other side of the barge and moor alongside a small ship, which
we did. So, here we are once again held up, biting our nails, and
listening to the Arctic wind howling in the rigging.

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