keskiviikko 11. syyskuuta 2013

September 9th 2013

On Our Way Again!

As forecast, the winds began to abate late Sunday evening decreasing from
35+ to some 25 knots and, early Monday morning, we continued our
interrupted passage towards Alaska.

It is such a relief to be on the move again. One more day at the
anchorage, and I'm sure I would have hit the roof! The reason for my
impatience is, besides my temperament, the fact that we are so very close
to completing the Northern Sea Route. We only have about  six days to
Pevek and from there, another four days to the Arctic Circle. But it's
best not to think about it and instead, focus on the present. And today is
a very good day to do just that as, although the winds are not fair and
the skies are not clear, we are on our way again and, at the moment,
making good progress!

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