perjantai 20. syyskuuta 2013

September 21st 2013

Weather Versus Bureaucracy (Or Vice Versa)

Because of the delay caused by the cyclone, we are now badly behind
schedule. We are not too worried about the shortening of the days, the
roughening of the weather, the approaching of the winter, we are confident
that we can deal with all that. What we are concerned about is Russian

It is now the 20th of September and our cruising licence will expire on
the 25th. From our  anchorage, in good weather, we could sail to
Providenya in five days i.e. just in time but, with the current 25 to 35
knot headwinds, it would take at least nine days to do that and the risks
to both the boat and her crew are too high. Hence, the only sensible thing
is to wait until the weather allows us to continue our voyage. We would
call this force majeure, a superior force that couldn't have been
reasonably anticipated or controlled, but how the Russians are going to
interpret our situation, we'll only know when we arrive in Providenya.

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